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LiRaCC is one of the few laboratories in Europe that offers complex services for radon measurement both in air and in water and soil, respectively offers a complex package for buildings: screening, diagnosis, remediation, and post-remediation measurements.

We aim to promote the highest standards of excellence and ethical principles in all actions to measure, control and reduce the risk of exposure to radon and other carcinogens with an impact on public health.

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The activity carried out by the laboratory towards monitoring, control and reduction of radon concentration and implicitly the remediation and prevention of health risks of professionally exposed personnel, as well as technology transfer to the community, respond to the imperative needs of the market now.

In this sense, the aim is to evaluate the quality of indoor air by determining the radon concentration, the complete diagnosis to identify the source of radon and the design of a cost-effective remediation solution, with minimal architectural impact on the construction.

Our services include:

Over 20 Years of Experience
With Best Results

Over 20 years experience together with the international recognition of the research team and the research infrastructure worth 1,000,000 Euros, developed through the successful implementation of 23 national and international research projects, have consolidated within LiRaCC a core of high-level scientific competence in the field of research of radon.

ICA SMARTRADON  integrated prototype intelligent system with Technological Maturity Level “TRL 6” (in the process of obtaining the patent), existing and functional within UBB, developed in 2018, whose accuracy and reliability have been demonstrated by internationally visible scientific results. The device performs real-time monitoring of air quality and environmental parameters (Radon, CO, CO2, VOC, temperature, pressure, humidity) with remote data transmission and controls an air quality remediation system to reduce the concentration of radon in the home automatically and efficiently.


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