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The activity carried out by the laboratory towards monitoring, control and reduction of radon concentration and implicitly the remediation and prevention of health risks of professionally exposed personnel, as well as technology transfer to the community, respond to the imperative needs of the market now.

In this sense, the aim is to evaluate the quality of indoor air by determining the radon concentration, the complete diagnosis to identify the source of radon and the design of a cost-effective remediation solution, with minimal architectural impact on the construction.

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Radon screening

Radon diagnosis

Radon mitigation

Radon in soil

Radon – complete diagnosis & control measurements for buildings

Consulting for an integrated plan of radon measures in a building 

Screening stage with track detectors, measuring the concentration of radon in the air inside all types of buildings - public, workplaces and residential houses.

Complete diagnosis of the investigated buildings required to design mitigation measures. Diagnosis through measurements of soil permeability and soil radon concentration and assessment of soil radon risk for prevention, for new buildings under construction.

Development of a remedial solution considering the results obtained with the active devices or modelling for each location with the help of software. Design and implementation of remediation solutions (construction permit will be issued for new constructions).

Post-remedial control measurements using active devices.

Available Soon

ICA Solution

Development, testing, certification and validation for the marketing of integrated intelligent solutions for continuous monitoring and control of radon and indoor pollutants, with remote data transmission – ICA (Intelligent Indoor Air Quality Monitoring device capable of controlling ventilation systems integrated in the specific building) SMARTRADON device adapted to different types of buildings.

According to the EC Directive 2013/59 EURATOM, HG 526/25.07.2018 and CNCAN Order 185/22.07.2019, the measurement of radon concentration in the air in buildings with schools and kindergartens, hospitals and other types of public buildings with high occupancy and the application of remediation solutions are now mandatory in Romania and Europe (