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International recognition, experience, promptness, professionalism, scientific expertise, affordability are our guidance.

Our competitive advantage is that we are unique on the Romanian market and partly in Eastern Europe (except for the Czech Republic) in terms of the type, profile and quality of services provided by the LiRaCC Laboratory, in the context of the prospect of market demand in the coming years.

The productive and innovative fields of activity that we offer to the public, which also include research and development activities, have a high added value.

We are in the TOP 5 radon Laboratories in Europe that have the complete palette of services from screening to mitigation and post mitigation measurements. We are unique in Romania by measuring radon in all anthropogenic relevant environmental factors: Soil, Water and Air.

We aim to promote the highest standards of excellence and ethical principles in all our actions to measure, control and reduce the risk of exposure to radon and other carcinogens with an impact on public health, in conjunction with the principles of sustainable development and the guidelines of Directive 2013/59 / EURATOM.

Our Infrastructure

  • Two RADOSYS-2000 automatic plants (Elektronika, Budapest, Hungary, model 2001 and model 2010) for developing and reading CR-39 trace detectors, consisting of – 1 developing unit with accessories, 1 laptop and 1 optical microscope
  • ALPHAGUARD PQ 2000 radon detector (Genitron Instruments GmbH, Germany, 2010) – allows simultaneous monitoring of temperature, pressure, humidity and radon progeny
  • Radon and thoron detector RAD7 (DURRIDGE Company, USA, 2010)
  • Five RADIM electronic devices (JiríPlch-SMM Company, Prague, Czech Republic, 2003-2012) for radon and radon exhalation measurement
  • Four LuK 3A-C instruments (JiríPlch-SMM Company, Prague, Czech Republic, 1996-2012) and related devices for assessment of radon measurements in soil and water, and radon emanation rate from soil and building materials
  • RADON JOK equipment for in situ measurement of radon permeability (Radon VOS, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011)
  • Eight SARAD instruments (SaradGmbH, Dresden, Germany, 2010) for radon detection
  • Eight RAMON integrated electronic measuring instruments (Ramon 2.2, Norway, 2005 and 2010)
  • Personal Doseman Pro dosimeter (Sarad, 2002) for radon progeny measurements
  • Two dosimeters for air dose rate determination (Geiger Gamma-Scout Detector, 2012)
  • Sample preparation laboratory
  • A high resolution gamma spectrometer with germanium hyperpur detectors, ORTEC GMX HpGe FWHM detector 1.92 keV to 1.33MeV with 0. 5 mm Be window allowing recording and determination of low energies
  • Two portable RM-2 detectors (RadonVos, 2016) for in situ measurement of radon concentration in soil
  • Two RTM 1688-2 Radon/ Thoron Gas Monitor instruments (SARAD, 2016)
  • Four portable indoor air quality (IAQ) meters – CO2 + CO + RH/T (CO2meter, 2016)
  • One TESTO wall thermal resistance calculation equipment (TESTO, 2016)

Our Research

We design solutions aimed to monitoring, control and reduce radon concentration and implicitly to remediate and prevent the health risks of exposed people.

The aim is to evaluate the quality of indoor air by determining the radon concentration, to make a complete diagnosis in order to identify the source of radon and to design a cost-effective remediation solution, with minimal architectural impact on the construction.

Awards & Certificates

for ICA SmartRadon UBB prototype system

for the SMART_RAD_EN research project, funded by the Competitiveness Programme POC 2014-2020, under Contract 22/2016 (ID P_37_229)

for the Prototype developed within the SMART_RAD_EN project, ID P_37_229, awarded by the Romanian Association for Smart City (

awarded to student Șerban Grecu at VII. Terrestrial Radioisotopes in Environment International Conference on Environmental Protection, Veszprem, Hungary, 2020.

for CS III Burghele Bety-Denissa, awarded by Cluj-Napoca City Hall for contributions in radon metrology, Vth National competition of Young Researchers in Science and Engineering, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2019.

for the European Funds 2014-2020 funding session during the visit of the European Commissioner for Health and the POC Monitoring Committee in January 2018.

awarded to CS III Burghele Bety-Denissa, for representative contributions in radon research, European Radon Association, Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain, 2016.

for the IRART project – INNOVATION EUROPEAN FUNDS at the REGIO Days Competition 2012, organized by the Europe Direct Northern Transylvania Regional Centre and the North-West Regional Development Agency, in partnership with Cluj-Napoca City Hall, Cluj County Council, UBB Radio Online, Europe Direct Centre Bistrita, Europe Direct Centre Maramures.

Our Contribution to the Community

For a Better Living

During our 20 years of activity, we have developed and implemented a great number of various projects which will help people lead better, healthier lives. 

  • “Intelligent systems on population safety by controlling and reducing radon exposure correlated with the optimization of energy efficiency of dwellings in major urban agglomerations in Romania”
  • Project based on Grant Contract 22/01.09.2016
  • European Funds, Competitiveness Operational Programme POC with ID P_37_229, SMIS 103427
  • Period: 2016 – 2020
  • Total value: 8.925.250 RON
  • Contract no. 271972/424/23.05.2019 concluded between Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Babeș-Bolyai University through the Radon Testing Laboratory “Constantin Cosma” (LiRaCC)
  • Research Studies for the purpose of Air Quality Assessment inside Cluj-Napoca City Hall building and in pre-university educational establishments in Cluj-Napoca Municipality
  • Entered into force as of 15.06.2019
  • Period: 2019 – 2020
  • Total value: 80.920 RON
  • “Monitoring anthropogenic impacts in tourist caves – pilot project on monitoring protocols and remediation techniques in tourist caves in Romania”
  • International project EEA-JRP-RO-NO-2013-1-0259
  • Period: 2014 – 2017
  • Total value: 474.779 RON
  • “Radon map (residential, geogenic, water) for Center, West and NorthWest Regions from Romania” (28 counties, aprox. 44% of the Romanian territory)
  • Integration in the European Radon Atlas by JRC European Commission (
  • The map will be used by CNCAN for the implementation of the national radon action programme, the establishment of high radon risk areas and prioritization
  • Project PN-II-PT-PCCA-2011-3.2-1064
  • Contract No. 73/02.07.2012
  • Period: 2012 – 2016
  • Total value: 1.945.927 RON
  • “Implementation of radon remediation technologies in houses in the Băița uranium mine area”
  • European Funds, Sectorial Operational Programme Increasing Economic Competitiveness, European Regional Development Fund, ID/ SMIS CSNR 586/12487
  • Financing Contract No. 160/15.06.2010 
  • Period 2010 – 2013
  • Total value: 5.066.206 RON
  • European first development, testing, validation and certification of an innovative prototype intelligent monitoring system for indoor air quality (Radon, CO2, CO, VOC, temperature, pressure, humidity) with remote data transmission – in the framework of the project “Intelligent systems for population safety by controlling and reducing exposure to radon correlated with optimizing energy efficiency of dwellings in major urban agglomerations in Romania – SMART_RAD_EN”
  • Development and application for the first time in Romania of innovative integrated solutions for the remediation of radon and indoor air quality in 31 residential buildings exposed to high concentrations of radon and indoor air chemical pollutants in Bihor county and the municipalities of Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest and Timisoara – within the research projects SMART_RAD_EN ( and IRART (
  • Development for the metropolitan areas of Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Timișoara and Sibiu of high resolution interactive maps based on radon results
  • Correlated with indoor air quality parameters and energy efficiency index for 1000 houses investigated in the SMART_RAD_EN project (
  • It contains about 10,000 values
  • The server with the complete inventory of experimental data will be accessible by environmental authorities and population
  • It provides important indicators on the level of indoor radon pollution in Romania
  • Established in 2020
  • With the support of Babeș-Bolyai University
  • In order to carry out technology transfer and development of innovative products and services with their application in and towards the community
  • Based on the results of the research carried out in the Radon Testing Laboratory “Constantin Cosma” (LiRaCC) in the field of radon (
  • Systematic measurements of radon in indoor air, soil and water according to Romanian legislation and international regulations;
  • Monitoring the concentration of radon, thoron and other chemical pollutants with impact on human health in indoor air
  • Detailed radon investigations and full building diagnostics for the appropriate design of remediation solutions
  • Development, testing, certification and market validation of integrated intelligent solutions for continuous monitoring and control of radon and indoor pollutants with remote data transmission
  • Design, development and implementation of cost-effective solutions to control and reduce exposure to radon and other carcinogenic pollutants in residential and public buildings
  • Determination of emanation rates from soil and building materials
  • Radon measurements in caves and underground environments
  • Risk mapping of residential/occupational radon exposure
  • Integrated soil and water radon maps for regions in Romania
  • Radon and radium measurements in water samples
  • Training for specialists and experts involved in all aspects of radon and indoor air quality, as well as energy efficiency of buildings, public health and indoor environmental protection
  • Organisation of radon workshops for economic operators active in the radon field

Our Partners

We are very grateful for our partenerships with both public and private sectors: hospitals, clinics and medical offices in Romania, educational buildings (nurseries, kindergartens, schools, high schools, universities), private companies Kronospan, Philips Romania and others, NATO military bases in Romania, Bulgaria and Italy, and local public institutions in the counties of Arad, Cluj, Timiş, Sibiu, Suceava, Bihor, Alba, Buzău, Bucharest, Iaşi, Maramureş, Mureş, etc.

Between 2019 – 2021, in partnership with Cluj-Napoca City Hall, we developed a research in Cluj-Napoca area, and also in Floresti in partnership with Floresti City Hall. The objective was to assess the concentration of radon in schools, kindergartens and nurseries in the city, as well as in public buildings under the administration of town halls, according to the legislative obligation in force. At the same time, the PILOT project for the implementation of radon remediation solutions at the first school building in Romania was initiated as a national premiere and is underway in Cluj-Napoca, which will be taken over as an example of good practice by local administrations.

Patents & Utility Models

Patent application filed at OSIM with No. A/10020/2020 of 29.04.2020 for the invention entitled "INTELLIGENT SYSTEM FOR PREDICTION AND REGULATION OF RADON CONCENTRATION INSIDE CIVIL BUILDINGS BASED ON AUTOMATIC INVASION METHODS", authors Botoș Marius Lucian, Chiorean Cosmin Gruia, Cucoș Alexandra Laura, Dicu Tiberiu, Fernandez Sainz Carlos, Applicant Babeș - Bolyai University.

Patent application filed at OSIM with confirmation of 05.03.2020 and No. A/10008/2020 of 26.02. 2020 for the invention entitled "INTEGRATED SYSTEM FOR THERMAL INSULATION AND REDUCTION OF THE CONCENTRATION OF GAS EMANATED FROM THE GROUND, IN PARTICULAR RADON, IN RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS", authors Botoș Marius Lucian, Tunyagi Arthur Robert, Cucoș Alexandra Laura, Dicu Tiberiu, Chiorean Cosmin Gruia, Fernandez Sainz Carlos, Applicant Babeș - Bolyai University.

Patent application filed at OSIM with No. 15/2019 CP of 29.07.2019 published in RO-BOPI no. 3/ 2020 on 30.03. 2020, for the invention entitled "INTELLIGENT SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING AND CONTROL OF RADON CONCENTRATION IN CIVIL BUILDINGS", authors Tunyagi Arthur Robert, Cucoș Alexandra Laura, Dicu Tiberiu, Botoș Marius Lucian, Chiorean Cosmin Gruia, Fernandez Sainz Carlos, Applicant Babeș - Bolyai University.

OSIM utility model No. u2018 00028/15.05.2013 published in BOPI no. 2/ 2014 on 28.02.2014, for the invention entitled: "Automated system for monitoring and control of residential radon concentrations", authors Robert Begy, Constantin Cosma*decedent, Alexandra Cucoș (Dinu), Carlos Sainz. Approved in October 2018.