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Contributing to the development and implementation of public policies

Activities undertaken

  • Contract no. 271972/424/23.05.2019 concluded between Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Babeș-Bolyai University through the Radon Testing Laboratory “Constantin Cosma” (LiRaCC) concerning Pollution Investigation Services – Research studies for the purpose of Air Quality Assessment inside Cluj-Napoca City Hall building and in pre-university educational establishments in Cluj-Napoca Municipality, period 2019 – 2020, Budget: 80 920 lei.
  • Authorization of the LiRaCC Laboratory in the field of radon by CNCAN designation certificate no. LI 04_LiRaCC_UBB/2018/ updated LI07_LiRaCC_UBB / 2020, in accordance with the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and the national/European requirements for the authorization of specific radon laboratories in Europe. Preparation of the Quality Management System, specific procedures and documentation file for the authorization of tests and determinations performed in the Radon Testing Laboratory “Constantin Cosma” -LiRaCC, according to the requirements of the international standards specific to radon measurement and control EU-BSS and ISO/FDIS 11665 series.
  • Technological transfer of research results to the economic environment and authorities, setting up the first spin-off SC RadonControl SA in 2020 with the participation of Babeș-Bolyai University.
  • The prototype developed within the SMART_RAD_EN project, ID P_37_229, received the SMART HEALTH 2019 AWARD at the Smart City Industry Awards 2019, 4th edition, Smart Living Category, awarded by the Romanian Association for Smart City (
  • Participation in activities contributing to the development/implementation of public policies:
      • Strategic partnerships with the National Commission for the Control of Nuclear Activities (CNCAN) for the implementation in Romania of the National Radon Action Plan (PNAR) and the EC Directive 2013/59 EURATOM laying down basic safety standards for protection against the dangers arising from exposure to ionizing radiation, adopted in national legislation by HG 526/25.07.2018, which provides for the obligation to measure and remediate radon concentration in buildings, both residential and public-private.
      • Strategic partnerships with CNCAN, Letters of intent sent to CNCAN, Ministry of Health (MS) and Ministry of Research and Innovation (MCI) to achieve the strategic objectives set out in PNAR-HG no. 526/25.07.2018
      • Elaboration of standards and technical methodology, participation in working meetings at the Government
    1. Participation in the development of the current requirements set by the international Green Buildings/ Homes certification program implemented by the Green Buildings Council in Romania taking into account from July 2020 radon pollution management, thereby encouraging the construction of healthier and quality housing and buildings. The new regulations promoted by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy (DG Energy) aim to reduce the impact on the environment during the construction and operation of buildings and on the health and safety of occupants (
    2. Contributions to the drafting of bills to the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests for the financing of the Programme on increasing energy efficiency and intelligent energy management in public buildings for educational establishments, subject to public debate.
  • Production at the end of the SMART_RAD_EN project of Guidelines and Best Practice Manual with radon recommendations and an action plan approach, contributing to the development/implementation of public radon policies. The documents were sent to authorities, population, decision makers and all stakeholders, CNCAN, Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, National Institute of Public Health and Cluj-Napoca City Hall.